At Mobile Ecu Remapping Glasgow, we specialize in offering reliable and efficient Ecu remapping services. Our team of experts uses advanced technology to optimize your vehicle's engine performance and enhance fuel efficiency. Whether you are looking to improve power, torque, or fuel economy, our mobile service ensures convenience and quality.

Mobile ECU Remapping Service in Glasgow

Our ECU Remapping Service is of the highest quality. We have now branched out to deliver a first class mobile ecu remapping service so wether you want to visit us or us to come to you you will receive a custom ecu remap tuned to the highest quality.

Here is how our ECU Remapping service works.

First of all we carry out a full diagnostic health check on your vehicle. We then read the file from your ECU through your diagnostic port using the Dimsport Genius ECU Remapping Tool.

We then send the file to Dynotune who is an expert tuning company with over 20 years experience. At Dynotune they have a been researching and developing techniques for many years so you can rest assured that the quality is top notch

Dynotune then custom remap the extracted file to suit your requirements. Some people want out & out power, some people want maximum economy, some an all round map with good power and economy combined. This is where Dynotune file writers excel over others.

Once we receive the file back (normally within 30 minutes) we write the new custom remapped file back to your vehicle using the Dimsport Genius Remapping Device. The job is complete and the car is remapped to your required specification. We will then after a test drive carry out another diagnostic check to make sure everything is spot on.

Most companies use files off the shelf. Basically you get what you are given with no variation for example: A Mk 4 VW Golf GTI Turbo with a big bore stainless steel exhaust, an up rated intercooler and an up rated induction kit needs a custom remap and a map off the shelf will most certainly not work and could have adverse and or negative effects on your vehicle.